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How to write my first Blog Post learn step by step

1  little bit of  euphoria :     your first steps to have complete confidence on your self . and strong believe that you are a good blogger and  your goal is write your first blog past is better than anyone.   As soon as you start writing your feeling are change. You  will develop the best.

2  Don’t thing about    chaos , confusion, clutter    when ever we start writing about we are depressed and confused  how to start or from start . if it so then this post is  all about you this post will provide all those basic tips which will help to find you need and achieve you success . this is just simple effort to push awesome  tips in your mind. Try to express all those tips and recommendation from experts and regular blogger’s  . let’s see that how to write my first blog post.

To write your first blog you need idea’s  not only for your first post but also for the Second one . the best way to fetch a tiptop idea can be google  or from any social network to write about any hot news or updates of modern world .

Here are some tips to write your first blog post

  1. Think about the blog post which you know better than other’s before going to explain your idea you need search more on it collect better and effective information about your idea . be sure to link other website  in your blog post when copy or copy something from them before you publish your post
  2. People love to see statistic and figures disply some and while explain must show fable in some area and match against the post
  3. Describe in detail your idea and make more delicious if ad some quotes relevant your idea
  4. Explain all tactic which will support your idea to achieve success
  5. Show Some tips which are use by other’s bloggers .
  6. Explain solution that how to do something better and faster about your idea
  7. Try point out all common problem and define way of solving  them
  8. Do your best to satisfy you audience and who read and follow
  9. Tell about free produts and course or any informative thing which will help out your audience .
  10. Even you can define your goal , change in your self and ask people to follow it
  11. Tell about result what you achieved and while sharing your idea’s with others
  12. Create a cheet sheet to which shoud help out you audience
  13. Shoot a video tutorial how to use tools about your idea

  How that these points are cornerstone , evergreen tips to start your first blog   hope these tips can help to write your first blog post.

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